Back to School - Educational & Learning Toys

Back to School - Educational & Learning Toys

30th Aug 2017

Hey kids, it's time to go back to school!
While it might not exactly be school-related, Our Pampered Home’s Toys & Games department is perfect for Back to School. We house many interactive learning and educational playthings that will help get kids back into the academic spirit and inspire those who already have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We carefully select unique educational toys, games, and activities that make learning fun and engaging which, we feel, is the best approach to nurturing a child’s naturally-inquisitive, developing mind. Here are some of our favorite picks that highlight the fun in discovery in such areas as science, vocabulary, art, music, and critical thinking.


Avoid experiment-related messes and accidents with these kid-friendly and safe science lab kits from 4M International.

Toysmith Hover Racer

Learn about air pressure and gravity with the Hover Racer Science Kit. Makes a great project idea for school science fairs, as well as a recreational toy for young hobbyists.

KidzLabs Science Lab Kit

KidzLabs Science Kits are a fun, hands-on way for children to explore the principles behind force, pressure, chemical electricity, and earth sciences. Series consists of the Doorbell Making Kit, Quicksand and Volcano Kit, Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit, the Weather Lab, and the assorted Science Toys Lab.

4M Table Top Robot

For junior engineers, the Metal Detector Robot, Table Top Robot, and RoboBug are delightful and fascinating introductions to the world of robotics.


There is no age limit to learning, especially when it comes to expanding your vocabulary. These fun and challenging word games help to enrich communicative abilities as well as instill an appreciation for language. An excellent teaching aid for parents and teachers.

Scrabble: Luxury Edition

The classic board game, Scrabble, tests vocabulary knowledge and exercises problem-solving skills; a true war of words!

Smethport Vocabulary Games

Young children who are learning to speak and formulate words will benefit from Smethport’s picture chart games that teach word/image association, phonics, and language building. Choose from Word Families, Chart Categories, Word Building, Beginning Sounds, and essential Language Skills.


The next future da Vinci or Mozart may be waiting to emerge from your child’s mind. Our assortment of art and music creative toys can help your child discover a hidden talent.

Toysmith Mini Paint Set

The basic Mini Paint Set by Toysmith is a simple and portable watercolor paint set that’s easy to set and clean up, afterwards. If you still want your child to discover the fun of mixing colors but wish to avoid the potential for accidental spills, try the accompanying Mini Crayon Set.

4M Spiral Art Kit

Gyroscopic Spiral Art creates unique patterns and designs based on mathematics; a timeless art tool that has been, and continues to be enjoyed for many generations.

Toysmith Glow Mask Paint Kit

4M’s mask painting kits allow little creators to invent their own characters. Kits come complete with non-toxic paint, paintbrush, stencils, and plastic mask and are available in Glow or in Solid paint colors.

Rhythm Band Percussion Set

Percussive instruments are among the world’s oldest musical instruments. They offer an appeal that spans far beyond different cultures and their inherent simplicity might be a reason why children are drawn towards them. Rhythm Band’s complete Special Variety Band Set includes an ensemble of various percussion instruments such as woodblocks, hand cymbals, cluster bells, rhythm sticks, and more.

Aulos Alouette Soprano/Descant Recorder

The first (and sometimes only) complex developed musical instrument that kids often experience in school is the recorder, a primitive flute-like woodwind instrument. The Aulos Alouette Soprano/Descant Recorder is perfect for students and beginners.

Rhythm Band Bongo Drums

Rhythm Band’s Large School Bongo Drums feature premium kiln-fired hardwood shells, quality drumheads, and are built to provide years and years of groovy fun.


Critical thinking, or problem solving, involves mental dissection and evaluation of an issue in order to formulate a strategy. Puzzles are excellent for building and reinforcing critical thinking skills and at Our Pampered Home, we stock puzzles of numerous difficulty levels to challenge and exercise minds.

Mind Jewel Brainteaser Puzzle

The Mind Jewel Brainteaser Puzzle consists of 12 pentagonal pyramids that are connected by elastic. The goal is to arrange the pieces by matching the dots to the numbers so that each dot touching a number adds up to that amount. Not as easy as it looks!

Bamboozlers Bamboo Wooden Puzzle
The Bamboozlers Bamboo Wooden Puzzle Set is based off of traditional Chinese wood puzzles. This brain baffling bamboo design dares players to disassemble and then reassemble a seemingly easy, unassumingly difficult knot sculpture. Made from genuine bamboo, one of the Earth’s most plentiful, rapidly-renewable sustainable materials.

EuroGraphics 1000-Piece United States of America Puzzle

Learn all 50 United States and capitals with the EuroGraphics 1000-Piece Map Of the United States puzzle, a basic and traditional jigsaw puzzle and features detailed geographical information such as capital cities, major cities, and state flag icons.

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