Health & Safety

Boogie Wipes Baby Wipes

Your baby’s natural inquisitive instincts can lead to unintended mischief, which is why extreme supervision is required once your child becomes more mobile and starts exploring his or her home surroundings. It is recommended that your home be “baby-proofed” in order to prevent accidental misadventure. One of the most overlooked items in the home is power outlets, but fortunately, Our Pampered Home has outlet protectors to stop tiny hands from getting into trouble. In addition to baby-proofing your home, we also have baby wipes and cleaners to help protect your child from the hazards you can’t see such as everyday germs. Another aspect of growing babies is the growing process, itself. Teething, for one. As the new teeth begin to peer out from those pink gums, baby’s mouth can get quite uncomfortable. Our Pampered Home as a variety of teething toys and necklace teethers to help sooth and comfort while your baby’s new chompers start to grow.

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