Douglas Cuddle Toys

Douglas Cuddle Toys Dixie Sheltie Plush Dog

Since 1956, Douglas Cuddle Toys has been a family-owned and operated business; a tradition that carries on through today. They are one of America’s oldest and most cherished brand names in stuffed toys and plush animals. Douglas Cuddle Toys features plush representations from all throughout the animal kingdom. Fur or feathers, even scales. Domestic or wild--by land, sea, or air; Douglas Cuddle Toys a special animal friend waiting to come home to you.

Douglas Cuddle Toys are a timeless childhood staple. Generations of children have all snuggled up to the so-soft huggability of Douglas’s plush animals. Our Pampered Home has an assortment of stuffed dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, wild animals, sea creatures, even fantasy creatures such as unicorns and dragons. We also carry a selection of plush characters including Clifford the Big Red Dog and Douglas’ Dreamy-Dress Ups playtime costume accessories.

Visit Our Pampered Home and adopt a new soft and cuddly stuffed animal friend from Douglas Cuddle Toys.