Fissler Solea Stew Pot

Since 1845, Fissler has been in the business of creating kitchen and cookware innovations. During the 1950s, the company introduced the first-ever pressure cooker with a variable control valve and the patented “Thematic” base. Fissler’s reputation as one of the world’s most inventive cookware manufacturers carries on to this day. They continue to develop and engineer new designs with the same creative spirit as they did over 170 years ago.

In addition to their famous pressure cookers, Fissler’s product line consists of casserole pans, stew pots, fry pans, induction cooktops, and many more essential cookware tools. Each item is thoughtfully crafted with useful, practical features and durable, solid stainless steel construction that is not only reliable, but also visually-pleasing to the eye. Fissler cookware is premium, top-grade equipment that both amateur and professional chefs can use with great ease. Our Pampered Home is proud to offer select Fissler brand cookware pieces and accessories. So, whether you’re cooking for yourself or for the family or you’re the head chef at a Michelin Star-rated establishment, shop Our Pampered Home for popular Fissler cookware and kitchen goods.

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