Folkmanis Puppets

Folkmanis Scottish Fold Kitten Puppet

Folkmanis Puppets is a family-owned and operated company with a passion for wildlife and the environment. Their classic line of soft, plush animal hand and finger puppets have been cherished by children all across the country since 1976. Folkmanis Puppets are a staple of many gift shops in zoos, aquariums, and science and nature museums and are also highly-regarded by teachers, educators, and childhood development experts. Folkmanis is also an environmentally-friendly company and in 2008, they have fitted their California headquarters with green technology such as solar panel roof panels and water conserving plumbing.

You may ask that how, with so many electronics and video games dominating the children’s toy market, that something as so low-tech as a puppet can still be relevant today. The answer is quite simple: it is the timeless appeal of plush animals and the simplicity of puppets that allow children to explore their imaginations. Folkmanis’ collection of animal puppets spans across the entire animal kingdom. Fur or feathers, wings or paws, skin or scales. Folkmanis Puppets feature detailed, cuddly and huggable plush bodies with soft and gentle materials. They are available as hand puppets or small finger puppets but regardless of size, each puppet is crafted with the same level of attention that will result in hours of entertainment as well as cherished childhood memories. Folkmanis Puppets are also an excellent way to introduce your child to all the wonders of the animal kingdom and to help spark an appreciation and consciousness about our planet Earth, that which we call ‘home’.

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