Jacobsen Salt Co.

Along the ice cold waters of Oregon coast, in the Netarts Bay, Jacobsen Salt Co. harvests pure, natural sea salt which has been hailed by the world’s finest gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. Founder Ben Jacobsen created the Jacobsen Salt Co. in 2011, which has grown from boutique local shop to an national commodity. Their brand of flake and Kosher sea salts took the culinary world by storm and the company has expanded its portfolio to include flavor-infused sea salt seasonings including ghost pepper, cherrywood smoke, lemon zest, and even their own sea salted black licorice candy. Jacobsen’s sea salt is a guilt-free way to add a dash of flavorful color to whatever your kitchen creativity can conjure—without the chemicals and synthetic additives of ordinary mass-produced table salt. Jacobsen Salt Co. represents the traditional American spirit of ingenuity and a desire to enjoy the gifts of nature for a happy and healthy life.

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