Lekue USA

Lekue Chocolate Fondue

Silicone bakeware and cookware has many advantages over oven ready hard plastic and even traditional glass or metal tins, pans, and trays. Silicone allows for proper, even cooking; no hotspots or undercooked portions. Oven-fresh baked goods are also easier to separate from silicone trays because of silicone’s inherent flexible properties, thus eliminating the need for non-stick sprays. Silicone can also withstand extreme temperatures--hot or cold--without experiencing degradation. Plus, it’s easy to clean and does not rust over time like metal bakeware.

Lekue USA is a world leader in silicone bakeware and cookware, as well as food preparation and food storage solutions. Each individual product is built to emphasise both function AND form; a simplistic design language allows for easy usage while, at the same time, creating an undoubtedly modern appearance among the rest of your kitchen tools and utensils. Bright, lively colors add to the fun and light-hearted approach.

At Our Pampered Home, we sell Lekue USA brand cake pans, muffin cups, cake molds, mini brownie trays and pans, hamburger presses, pasta cookers, and so much more. Cook and bake healthier today with Lekue USA and Our Pampered Home.