Lollia by Margot Elena

Margot Elena Lollia

Like will blossom into love when you experience the fabulous, serene line of Lollia bubble bath, cremes, and parfums. Water, citrus, and botanical combinations evoke pleasure from the touch, scent, and beauty of each meticulously crafted treat.

From the soothing chapters like Breathe, Relax, and Calm, to the flirtatious series of In Love, Wish, and Wander, Lollia invites you to envelope your body with lovely femininity. Fill your tub with sugar cane, vanilla bean, and jasmine. Get noticed with delicious and impressionable scents of midnight blossoms and ancient Cypress. Illuminate your spaces with candles reminiscent of southern magnolias and demure mimosa. Drink deeply the flavors of love and beauty in this remarkable line of Lollia.