Maui Babe Browning Lotion

The story of Maui Babe Browning Lotion begins in the early 1990s with founder Joe Rossi. A Hawaii resident with a local chain of popular flower shops, Joe’s businesses were crushed by the economic impact of the the United Strike and Gulf Conflict. The bills began to pile, debt collectors were on the hunt for Joe and he, his wife, and their four children were facing foreclosure of their home. Then, one day, after hours of soul-searching and deep spiritual guidance atop the roof of his house, Joe was inspired with a newfound sense of creative ingenuity. Eyeing the bottle of baby oil and iodine tanning mixture he’d brought with him to the roof of his house, Joe poured a cup of coffee in with the tanning solution and added fresh aloe and kukui nut oil, just like what the native Hawaiians used for sunburn treatment. He mixed multiple batches and in one week, the finalized solution was created. Joe had bottled his special formula and began passing them out as samples to whoever was interested. It was a success as his testers were returning for more. Joe’s formula was in demand! And while the family home did end up in foreclosure, Joe and his family moved into a rental home and in the basement, Joe got to work like a mad scientist, cooking and concocting the very product that would become the famous Maui Babe brand of skin browning lotion. It soon became Hawaii’s #1 brand of tanning lotion and later, a world renowned product line. Today, the Maui Babe brand is a internationally-famous line of tanning products for beachgoers and sun worshippers across the globe.

Instead of fake-looking dye-filled spray tans, hazardous UV beds, and chemical-laden solutions, Maui Babe prides itself in using minimal mineral oil content and backed with all-natural ingredients from the tropical islands. Ingredients such as kukui nut oil, aloe, kona coffee extract and vitamins nourish the skin while giving it that rich, sun-kissed bronzed hue. Plus, all Maui Babe products are cruelty-free and NEVER tested on animals.

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