Ore Originals

Ore Originals Pet Food Bag Clip

“Happy Products for Good People and Pets.” That is the motto for Ore Originals, the brainchild of Lisa Lowe, the artist who conceptualized the idea behind Ore Originals back in 1989. Ore Originals represents the special bond between pet owners and their animals. Retro-inspired prints with soft colors, the use of sturdy and durable materials such as silicone and natural rubber, and the top-quality workmanship put into every piece from Ore Originals is intended to bring joy and happiness to even the most mundane of everyday life situations. The result is a clean, post-modern look that manages to walk the fine line between modest and flamboyant; a perfect fit in almost every home setting. They’re a perfect way for pet people to show pride in their dog and/or cat (or multiple dogs and/or cats) and to let houseguests know that your home is an animal friendly environment. Products in Ore Originals’ collective lineup are built for easy use, easy clean, and to help maintain a tidy living space for both you and your pet. Our Pampered Home features a select assortment of Ore Originals’ pet care products including food and water bowls, placemats for pets’ feeding areas, and pet food scoops. Shop Our Pampered Home and find unique and charming food and water bowls, placemats, and other pet supplies for your dog and/or cat by Ore Originals.