Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers No Way Out Dog Collar Padding

Playful. Inquisitive. Mischievous. Anyone who’s raised puppies or lives with a small dog knows all too well these three behavior traits of pint-sized canines. In 2008, inventor and founder Ann W. Price, came up with the perfect solution to stop her precious 6 lb. Maltese from escaping through baby gates in her home. Puppy Bumpers is a soft, lightweight, pillow-like attachment that fits over a dog collar. The oversized cushioning prevents tiny dogs from slipping through gates, banisters, and fences; thus, protecting your pooch from accidents and/or getting into trouble. Puppy Bumpers are available in multiple sizes to accommodate dogs of varying sizes and builds and are proudly made in the USA out of Victoria, VA. All Puppy Bumpers products are made at STEPS, Inc., a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to proving employment to people of diverse challenges.

Shop Our Pampered Home and keep your canine companion on the safe side of the fence with Puppy Bumpers soft collar pads for baby puppies and small dogs.

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