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Cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise for the human body. Different groups of muscles are put to work as you strengthen your cardiovascular system. In addition to being beneficial to your health, cycling is also a therapeutic and earth-conscious way to travel, whether it’s daily commuting or leisurely exploring the outdoors. Now, thanks to Springer America, importers of Norway’s Springer dog leash attachments for bicycles, dog owners can share the joys of outdoor cycling with their 4-legged friends. Like us humans, dogs also require exercise and activity to keep their minds and bodies in good health. Veterinarians, dog breeders, and canine experts alike agree that biking can be just as valuable for your dog’s well-being as it is for yours. Plus, it is much more engaging than the daily dog walk.

The Springer Dog Exerciser arm attaches to the bicycle frame and incorporates a heavy-duty steel spring to absorb 90% of the dog’s force if it should suddenly lunge or tug. This not only helps riders to maintain balance, but also keeps the dog protected against traffic accidents or being caught up in the moving parts of the bicycle. There is also a patented, quick-release safety latch that will disconnect if the dog leash catches a snag from solid objects such as trees, sign and lamp posts, and fire hydrants.

Both humans and their dogs can share and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle together. Our Pampered Home sells Springer America dog leash attachments, clamps, adapters, and spare arms for bicycles.

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