About Us

Pamper Your Home & Spoil Your Family

Founded in 2004, Our Pampered Home, is an internet extension of our family owned and operated brick and mortar store, Pampered Home, Spoiled Family. The available selection is a compilation of our years of business and merchandising efforts throughout the country. Our retail products and services range from a variety of specialty and exclusive brands. With us you can find items for your life’s must haves and spoils.

Our company’s focus is to find unique, popular, and quality items that are reflective of our customer’s needs and wish lists. We believe your home should be a haven that meets your essentials and comforts and your life one that can sooth but also indulge. For that reason both our retail store location, along with our website encompasses everything that allows you to pamper your home and spoil your family!

Retail Store Location

Pampered Home, Spoiled Family
2100 College Drive, Suite 100
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403